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Emerald is a green variety of beryl, it is one of the gems classified as a precious gemstone along with rubies and sapphires. Emeralds have enjoyed a fairly high and steady demand throughout history. There are a few reasons for this, the first is that green gems remind people of nature and symbolize something that is cool and calm. History has a liking for gems with a tradition or symbolism tagged to it, emeralds fit the description perfectly. In the old days, every green gem was called an emerald just like, every red gem was labelled a ruby. As the study of gemstones evolved into a science, the identification of various gems became sure and thorough. It is sad that quite a few gem traders choose to play gimmicks on innocent buyers when describing a gemstone. This is a cheap strategy and has on a number of occassions resulted in a loss of name and reputation for the entire gems and jewelry industry.

Emeralds are mined in a few countries, Colombia and Brazil are the main sources of emeralds today. While colombian emeralds carry a premium price tag, over mining has resulted in a clear depletion in terms of quantity and quality. When you buy an emerald gemstone or jewel, first ensure that it is natural and then look at the external appearance. Worry about the origin of the emerald in the last stage. A natural emerald that looks good and attractive and is reasonably priced, might not be a colombian emerald at all.

There is one practice related to emeralds that has been followed for many centuries. This is the treatment of emerald gems with natural oils. In their natural form emeralds always contain fissures and cracks, these are sometimes referred to as 'birthmarks' of the gemstone. Soaking the gemstone in natural oils allows the oil to seep through these fissures, the emerald then gets a much clearer appearance. The oil treatment of emeralds help soften the contrast between the internal cracks and the surrouding gem. This works to add to the lustre of the emerald. This is true of all emeralds and will apply no matter how much you pay for the gem stone. Even the most valuable emerald gems tucked away in museums across the globe have been treated with oils. Gem experts accept this emerald treatment as normal, so you can presume that your emerald gemstone has been treated with oils too.

Directstones procures emeralds from miners, our skilled gem cutters custom cut each gem as per the requirements of the buyer or the jewelry designs that they are cut for. Authentication certificates can be provided for each emerald gemstone at an additional charge. The fact that we move the stone from the mine to our cutting facility and then to the production unit, elminates the chances of fake emeralds. Our emeralds do not pass through multiple middlemen. This takes away the burden of multiple commissions and profit margins, it also ensures that no unacceptable treatment is applied to the emerald. You can order loose emerald stones, or have a complete jewel custom made in gold or 925 silver. We welcome all orders and do not insist on minimum requirements in terms of value or quantity.


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